Farsi Translation of “How to Develop Your Child’s Mind” – Dr. Robert Fisher

Translated by Valiallah Ebrahimi

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Transltor's Note

It is evident to the parents and the educational coaches that the potential mental abilities of children in the age group of five to twelve are varied and challenging.

Regardless of the individual potential faculties in the children, it is proven that all children undergo the same homogeneous education system while attending school. Therefore, the role of parents in recognizing and ultimately developing the interests and faculties of their young kids becomes a crucial and effective assistance leaving a lifelong impact on the success of the children.

The present book, originally written in English by Dr. Robert Fisher, was translated in Farsi to primarily enhance the availability of dependable English recourses to the Farsi speaking parents and educational officials and authorities. The multiple intelligences are presented in ten chapters in a fluent and readable Farsi language. The book was introduced for translation by Mr. Abak, a brilliant journalist in the Art and Culture Desk of the Shargh newspaper. I admire him for his valuable contribution to the elevation of the up to date Farsi literature for the young children through translation from English in Farsi.

Here in Canada in general, and Toronto as a mega city in particular, the translated resources in Farsi play a significant impact on educating the parents who do care about their kids and seek to appreciate Farsi texts translated from other languages particularly English.

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